In 1962, Newton T&M Corp. was founded as a precision mold maker for plastic injection molding companies. In 1972, the company expanded into injection molding focusing on engineering resins. Today, the company specializes in thermoplastic injection molding and in designing and constructing precision plastic molds for producing small parts.

The company is incorporated and pays taxes as Newton T&M Corp. Our current customers refer to us simply as Newton T&M. Going forward, we’ve created a shorter brand name – NTM – and a new website – ntm.co – to match.  The shorter name will aid our branding efforts and make references to us easier …. at least for new customers. NTM will be the company’s brand name for as far into the future as we can see. (We don’t think we can come up with a shorter name.)

NTM currently operates an 11,000 sq. ft. modern industrial facility in Newton in northern New Jersey. This facility houses NTM’s precision CNC mold-making shop and 11 injection molding machines ranging from 40 to 120 tons with shot sizes up to 4 ounces.

NTM Bldg - P1020913-2

From its northern NJ location, NTM has major-highway driving access to the New York/New Jersey extended metropolitan area and to eastern Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, and north. NTM serves and has served customers in states in the northeast, mid-atlantic, and mid-west. NTM’s proximity to both UPS and Fed-Ex distribution centers ensures efficient receiving and customer deliveries wherever the customer is located.