Why NTM?

Here’s why customers choose NTM:

  • We’re both mold maker and molder.   We have the design, mold-making, and production expertise necessary to control quality, costs, and time to produce.
  • We specialize in small parts.
  • We take on close-tolerance, difficult jobs.
  • Our plant and equipment is current with 11 molding machines ranging from 40 to 120 tons and shot sizes up to 4 ozs..
  • We’re skilled in using engineering resins.  TPE for soft touch and feel is one of our specialties.
  • We can perform secondary operations, assembly, and decorating when needed.
  • We build precision molds and we consistently produce quality molded products.
  • We quote accurately and we guarantee our quotes. Unless the customer makes changes after mold production begins, there will be no extra mold charges as is common with some mold-makers.
  • We guarantee the molds we make and run for the life of your product.
  • We build molds and produce molded parts in-house in the USA.  On the rare occasion when NTM uses an outside vendor to build a mold, that vendor builds to an NTM specification and is closely monitored for build-quality and on-time delivery – with the same scrutiny that is applied to all in-house molds.
  • We provide customers with engineering and design support in mold and product design.
  • We are responsive to customers’ needs.  We  will do what it takes to get the customer’s job done.
  • Our location in northern NJ is close to both UPS and Fed-Ex distribution centers.  This ensures efficient receiving and customer deliveries wherever the customer is located.
  • We have a strong reputation with our customers and excellent references.
  • We’re flexible and friendly ………. OK, OK …. maybe not so much on Monday mornings.